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Too on Edge?


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I am a very nervous person, always have been. An example is when I try to fall asleep: I just lay awake but I'm too afraid to fall asleep in case someone breaks in and tries to hurt my family. Each night is the same, and irrationally, each time something makes it into an ultimatum, like I can't fall asleep this time because something will really happen...I'm not too afraid for myself but each time I think about falling asleep I think of my younger brother and my parents and I feel like its up to me to help. I also am very nervous around other people whether it be over email, text, phone, in person and general interactions (family, friends, acquaintances)...I can't seem to walk by a group of laughing people and not feel that they are laughing at me (about how stupidly I'm dress, something I said, how I walk...). ANYWAY, is it normal to be so jumpy and nervous? Any suggestions?

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Heya BlueSky,


Welcome to Community, by the way! Thanks so much for sharing... I definitely appreciate you sharing, since I'm sure many of us are working through similar things!


It sounds like you really care for your family. You want to protect them... but you're learning that you can't be on edge like this all the time! You have your own life to live! -- And the hard lesson to learn is that you can't take care of anyone but yourself.


Where did these worries about people breaking in come from?


What are you worried will happen when you interact with people in person, over email, text, phone, etc.?


It's common to expect people are thinking the worst things about you... but it's not actually them-- this is how you're talking to yourself! You're judging yourself-- maybe from comparing yourself to others?


Here are some ways to reduce stress:




And here's tips on building self-esteem:




We have an article on ways to help social anxiety that I think may be helpful!





What do you think about the information in these articles?




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