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Who is he?


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Hi, I have this guy, my best friend, we are always together for gossip and all that and I believe he is part of the LGBTQ COMMUNITY because we always gossip, we always together, he always tries to avoid the topic of being gay in a good way though, his answer is I'm a child of god, he is way to feminine, and before we became friends he was always with girls or sitting alone, and I really don't know if he us with us or or, I want to know so I can know will he be fine if I identify as I do, only few of my "lesbian" friends know about me and I want him to know to because I also really like him...I always want to be around him, so does he, everytime I leave he is like please don't leave and it's cute I think...what do you guys think?

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From my previous topic I spoke about a guy I really like, but does he like me, he is someone who is always with me, wants me to be there with him always, alone, few times I will go watch movies with him and he would lay on my chest and touch me on my chest with his one hand and all that and we are always happy together,Β  we always want to be together, he is not into any girls or guys that's for sure but the way we connect makes me feel happy around him, and unfortunately he has not declared his sexuality and I want to tell him about me so bad but I worry it will push him away, does he like me I think to myself...I'm even day dreaming about him now...

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Hey there,Β 

It definitely sounds like this guy likes you. He is pretty much showing all the common signs of having a crush on you. What do you think? I’m wondering, have you spoken with any of your friends you’re out to? They might be able to give you some good advice. Take care and speak soon.Β 

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