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What's my label?


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So, I'm not big on labels but I feel it would help me figure out who I like and make it less confusing. I experience little to no sexual attraction but I do experience romantic attraction. I like girls but would date a guy if he was perfect or my type. I sometimes watch mature things ;) but do not want to be apart of it (sex). I've found the labels asexual, biromantic asexual, and grayasexual to be the ones I most fit in with. Any other ideas? Thanks for reading I guess. (I know this website is called ditch the label but I can't do that till I have one to explain to myself who I am/who I like).

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Thanks for coming to Community for advice. We can deffo help you, so you are not alone.


Sorry to hear that you are going through this confusing period, how are you feeling? I remember questioning my sexuality and I just wanted a label straight away. The thing is, society makes us feel pressured to know our identity from a very young age. This can cause anxiety and stress which we don't want!


It's important to have patience with such a thing. It can take a while to figure this kind of thing out, but please know that it's okay to question it. It will that it will all be clear one day. Maybe try to enjoy the journey of discovering yourself . It's an amazing process :). I know how important labels are, and you will find yours eventually.


Here is an article you may find useful:




I hope you find this advice useful. Let me know if not and we can figure something else out. Also, maybe you could try dating to see how that goes? With you saying you would with a guy, this could help you to find out more about yourself.


Sending positive vibes, Monsoon :)

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