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[Game] Explain your future tattoos and/or piercings


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Yoooo, whats the tattoo and/or piercing you've been dying for, & the meaning behind it?

I'll go first, starting with the one piercing: Septum (Just wanna look like a bull iG)
Next is the tattoos: Dream Team (All helped me during tough times), Philza (Is my online parent figure), Technoblade (Helped me during tough times as well & is a tribute to him), My cats names (Missy & Shadow, since I stayed mostly for them), Semicolon (Stuff thats happened in the past & it shows recovery)๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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i might do smth good omens related (maybe a fanart on tumblr idk) and stick it on my arm

not rlly dying for it but it'd be cool

i don't wanna deck my body in tattoos, not my style


not a piercings fan either, im needlephobic

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I'll might get "J'aime moi" which is French and means "I love me." I could get the word gay on my inner elbow area. Like, actually, even though it sounds weird. And then maybe I'll get the names of the books I write tattooed on my thigh.

The only one I've sort of wanted to get for a while was the inner elbow one, but I also want to get a fox on my calf because my mom and I have the same last name, and it means fox. It's not my dad's last name, or my brothers, but my parents aren't divorced, that's just what they decided on. Girls get one last name, boys get the other. And our last names go together to make "Wild Foxes" so it's pretty cool.

Yeah idk, they don't have a lot of meaning but yeah.

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a heart on my left inner elbow matching with my sister

a small butterfly on my hip just cuz

sparkles on my wrist bc why not

a snake on my ankle for no reason

probly a bunch of other random tattoos bc it looks cool

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My mom is a tattoo artist and when I turn 18 I want to get the following:

Six of a random shape with mine filled to match my siblings

a leg sleeve of flowers and random other things to describe my siblings and mom and maybe my pets as well

ย a nose piercing bc y not Iโ€™ve wanted it for a while but we could never find a place to get it

on my rib cage I want an inspirational quote but idk yet

on my collarbone I want a small heart

Iโ€™m also going to get matching tattoos with my mom as well and it being our birth flowers in a bouquet but idk where yetโ€ฆ

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