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Any advice on dealing with a future loss as aperson with anxiety and depression?


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Hi Yunnie am sorry to hear about your grandma. I also have depression, anxiety and autisim so I know how hard things must be for you at the moment I've lost both my dad (6 years ago) and grandfather (almost 3 years ago) the way I handled grieving and transitioning into a life without them was reyling on my family, friends and support people. It is really important that you have a support system in place for you to rely on during this period and after so that you're not on your own. I hope this helps. xx

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22 hours ago, Yunnie said:

My grandma has dementia stage 5-6, she raised me and I have depression and anxiety any advice on how deal with it?

Hey Yunnie,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear your grandma isn't doing well. It's completely normal to be experiencing these challenging feelings given what you are going through and how close I imagine you are. I think that when we go through a hard time, there can be a tendency to feel discomfort when experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety, and we can often rush to change how we are feeling. Therefore, this means that we can often judge ourselves for feeling such things, but actually, by trying to accept the feelings for what they are, we give ourselves time to process and move forward. What do you think?

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