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Why don't boys like me?


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I'm in highschool, and all of my friends seem to have a boyfriend or someone who has a crush on them. I don't think I'm unattractive, but I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm ugly because boys don't seem to talk to me or they seem almost repulsed by me. Some of my friends boyfriends say mean things to me as well. I feel really sad and worthless because I don't know how to feel about myself. Please help.

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Thanks for coming to us for support - we can definitely help you through this and we are here for you :D


It's great that you don't think you're unattractive, many people struggle with this and you're definitely at an advantage! Viewing yourself positively is sooo important, especially with social media putting pressure on people to look good all of the time! It's exhausting!


It is important to think about this in a different way - just because you don't have a boyfriend doesn't mean guys don't fancy you. Many guys could have a crush on you and they may just be nervous or too shy to tell you.


Also, sorry to hear that your friends' boyfriends say mean things to you. How are you feeling about this? Have you told them that this upsets you?


Here is a guide I think you will find useful:




Let me know if you find this advice useful and if not we can figure something out.


Sending positive vibes - Monsoon :)


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I’m in the same boat you are in, reallyinsecure. It’s super hard to see your friends get boyfriends/girlfriends and you’re still single. I’m sure the right guy just hasn’t come along yet.. maybe it’s for the best? I bet there’s an amazing guy for you somewhere so don’t give up hope. And the guys who say mean things about you are just mean people who like to make people feel bad so don’t listen to them.

personnaly I don’t think it’s you. High school is a weird time for everyone and like monsoon said earlier the guys might just be shy or scared to be rejected

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I’m in the same place. I’m in high school and I’ve had a few guys talk to me and seem to like me, but then they completely ignore me and I feel like no one likes my personality. Relationships in high school are hard though, and no one really knows how to act yet so I’m sure that once guys get to know you, they will like you for who you are and not just what you look like.

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