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Welcome to DTL, from a member!🥳


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Hey to all newbies who might be stuck to navigate the community, I put together this little short summary of the many ways to get involved here at Ditch the Label, I hope this helps, I'm Lulu :)

Okay so, to start of with at the very top of your screen you see a long tab with different options to click on for different things? So, the first tab is forums, if you click on forums you'll be taken to the home page where you'll be able to see every sub forum( which I'll come to in a minute), the next one along on that tab is what's happening, there you'll see what recent activity is going on in the community  so like badges users in the community have earned, posts that have been posted recently etc. The next one along is confidential support , here when you click on it you'll find a button that says request support when you do make a request one of these lovely people @Monsoon, @Luie, @Aurora & @Blondie.

Going onto the sub forums, as you may have already discovered there are multiple sub forums for different things people are going through, you have the welcome sub forum where you will see anyone knew will introduce themselves there and users will reply, like I have with you! The next one is chat where you can post light hearted posts, chat about anything as long as it's within the guidelines! You have a mental health sub forum where whoever is struggling with, Depression anxiety, etc can post there struggles and worries in that sub forum and a mentor or a user will reply! Does that make sense so far?  

There are different ways to get involved here at DTL, and it's a fun loving space. I see it as my family. You may or not have seen silly @Harper about haha 😆! He loves minions oh wait that'd me😜! But, Harper is the community manager who is here to make sure everything is kept within the guidelines etc etc. I forgot forward, at the top of the tabs there is a tab which says 'staff' if you click on that, you'll see a list of managers who are @Wookiee and @Harper you'll see other team members that are ( sorry if I forgot some ) @Meetkat @Daisie @Big E etc. Sorry I forgot some😩!  

Does that help a little bit? 

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What a wonderful post and a warm welcome @Luluu. Thank you!

If you have any other questions or need guidance on using our features, we have a Help and FAQ section here :)

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