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My parents are openly homophobic, and don't support anything lgbt+, including me


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My parents think my sexuality is a phase.. They think I'm too young to know my preferences... and it doesn't help that they're openly homophobic. Quite honestly, I'm counting down the days until I can move out. My friends and I want to go to a pride parade in two weeks, but I'm terrified to ask my parents because when i talk to them about lgbt+ topics they get angry and annoyed with me... please help, I've been so alone when dealing with this, I just need some advice, please.

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i get it. my mums the same, but she doesn't know that I'm bi. shes been showing me how homophobic she is sine I was around 6. I'm impressed that you came to them knowing they're homophobic! honestly, I'm not brave enough to do the same. if you really want to go to pride and your parents wont let you, don't tell them. just make sure that somebody (who isn't likely to tell your parents) knows where you are in case something happens. I hope your parents realise that your sexuality isn't just a phase soon as I understand how difficult It is to deal with their attitude and lack of support. Good luck!

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Hey GLS2003,


Sorry to hear what you are going through. How does all of this make you feel? We can definitely help you through your situation, and you are not alone :) How long is it until you can move out?


With your parents, it is important to challenge their views. Such views are often passed down through family and friends too, so they may not have actually thought about it, they've just ?inherited? ways of thinking, that's all.


Also, it's great that you've already come out to them. With homophobic parents, they often need more time to come to terms with it and to reassess thoughts and views that they have held for a very long time. Having the patience for this is so hard, but sadly it is essential in a situation like this. Have you explained to them how it makes you feel when they invalidate who you are as a person?


Could you potentially make up an excuse and say you are going somewhere else on the day of pride? You may meet other people at the parade who have been through something similar and their stories will help you along your journey.


I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if not and we can figure something else out.


Hang in there! -Monsoon :)


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Hey Kimberly,


Thanks for sharing your experiences. How are you feeling about your situation?


I definitely think you are brave enough to come out to them :). Here are some tips for those coming out to homophobic parents;




If you'd like some more advice, let me now and I can definitely help :)




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