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Thank you for coming to us and opening up. I’m really sorry to hear that your parents are always calling you fat and ugly. That must be so hurtful for you; you should be treated respectfully by your parents. I noticed what you said about ending it all, and I just want to check, are you safe at the moment? If not, it’s okay to be honest about this. Remember, there is light at the end of every tunnel, and although it might not feel like it now, you will get cope with this feeling you have around ending it all. We believe in you. Just incase you need it, here is some safety information if you are in crisis: 

  • UK - The Samaritans: 116 123 (24/7 service)
  • USA - NSPL: 1-800-273-8255
  • A list of worldwide crisis lines: https://www.befrienders.org
  • https://kidshelpphone.ca/urgent-help - You can text, message them online, or call them on the number listed on this page (they are available 24/7)
  • An app I can recommend: https://www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/find-help-now/stay-alive-app/this has safety plans to make sure you don't harm yourself and you might find it useful. 
  • If you’re in the UK, you can text SHOUT to 85258 when you are struggling, and a trained crisis volunteer will text you back. This is great if you find talking on the phone challenging, and it’s completely free 24/7



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Hello @Broken 

I am so so sorry this is how things are at the moment, I want to echo what @Monsoon has said above, there are helplines to contact when you are In distress, I know it's scary to ask for help but honestly, it's a brave thing to do and everyone wants you to feel safe. You deserve to be kept safe and supported, I am so so sorry that your parents are being so mean to you, that's not nice, do you have any friends or family members who you could talk to? ❤.  It's a hugeeee step by coming here to express your feelings and I am really hoping you can keep safe. If you want a on going free support have you heard of Kooth? It's a support forum/chat so you can talk on a forum like this to other people who are going through a tough time but also you can talk to a Councillor about what's going on inside! Obviously, they do have safe guarding rules so if they think your in a unsafe situation, they would ask you for information to pass onto the emergency services to do a welfare check up on you, Obviously you don't have to say yes! But, when I first went I thought they just wanted to get me into trouble every time I was suicidal, but most of the time you can have a good chat even without emergency services being contacted. You deserve to be here and I hope you recognise how important you are I know you feel like you aren't but everyone here knows how much we care about you, I hope you can stay safe,  much love,


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