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I need help I'm confused about my sexuality


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So I've grown up liking girls. I've had 3 girlfriends and I was happy in all of the relationships. But a while ago one of my friends said I looked and acted like I was gay and that triggered something and now I can't stop thinking about it. I think dudes are attractive but I can only see myself being in relationships with girls (which idk how I feel girls either). I'm stressing and literally whenever is see a dude that's attractive I'm like "woah does that mean I'm gay'" Can someone help me?

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Welcome to Community and thanks for coming to us for advice. We can definitely help you with this!


How are you feeling about this? It sounds like you are pretty confused atm; have been there myself and know how you are feeling.


Sometimes people may point things out to us that we don't even realise, and then this can trigger thoughts like you are having. When you look at guys, do you find them attractive in the same way you do girls? Also, do you think you could see yourself being in a relationship with a guy?


It is normal for example, someone who is straight and has relationships with girls to also look at a guy and find them attractive. However, it is important to figure out if you think you might actually be bisexual, etc. That being said, there is no rush to find this out about yourself. These things often take time, and it is just a case of going with the flow and seeing how your feelings develop over time. Have you tried speaking to any of your friends about this?


Here is a help guide you may find useful:




I hope that this help is useful to you; let me know and if not, we can figure something else out!


Over and out - Monsoon :)


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