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early adulthood

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in this time and age in my life, it feels and seems like everything is in motion. i want to do this, i have to do this, i should do this, i need to do this.Β  everything in my life is yelling out for some sort of attention . i have learned some really good life hacks during this time in my life. i wonder how it is for you maybe in the same line of growth?

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Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like you’re being pulled in many different directions and I can imagine this is stressful for you. I’m wondering, can you tell me about the life hacks you discovered? Could you use them now, perhaps?Β 


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I'd be curious to hear about some of your life hacks myself being that I'm also in early adulthood. I very much like how you described that "everything in [your] life is yelling out for some sort of attention," as it captures the essential turmoil I think us 20-somethings often feel (including me)

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