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How do I let people know that I am open to dating?


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Hi! I am 14, bisexual, and ready to start dating. I am not exactly the best looking person but I have high expectations for a partner(gf or bf). I am only out to my friends but not to my general school or anything so none of the girls know that I would be happy with dating a girl and no guy has really ever shown interest in me. How do I casually let girls know that I am bisexual but not make guys think I am a lesbian'?? I have told all of my friends but as I am unpopular word of mouth doesn't rlly spread about me plus my friends aren't really gossips. Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure if this is helpful as I am also 14 and I have never been in a relationship and but you could just talk to people more - even if it's just a hello or small talk. If you are interested in a girl you are talking to just try to slip it into the conversation somehow. If it is a guy you can let them know once you know them better as it wont affect them when you first start talking to them. Sorry if that was totally useless, hope you find someone :)

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Hey thanks for responding that was really helpful and I will try to work on being more open but I am REALLY introverted so I rarely talk to anyone outside of my friend group because when I do I always embarrass myself as I am a VERY awkward person. I think that it is really just something I need to work on so thanks!

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Hey there!


Thanks for posting this on Community. This is a common problem faced by many young people, and we can help you with this :)


First of all, I think it's important to see the best in yourself. By saying things like ?I am not exactly the best looking person', this can really affect your confidence and the way you may come across to people. Regardless of looks, having confidence is SO powerful! What are some things that you like about yourself? It is important to focus on the positive parts.


I guess that you could indicate that you are bisexual on your social media accounts if you don't have family on there and aren't ready to come out to them yet? People often do this by having the LGBTQ+ flag on their profiles, or either stating who they are attracted to on the ?Interested in? section of their profiles. However, if you don't want the school to know, then you might want to avoid this.


Also, the advice given my R0S3 is really helpful. Just by having conversations with different people and casually slipping in that you are bisexual if you feel comfortable doing so will help you a lot.


Here is a help guide you may find useful:




I hope this advice is useful, and I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.


-Monsoon :)


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