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I am in dire need of assistance.


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I'm just...




I think I'm Biromantic.


But I thought I was straight.


And I think I'm asexual, but that's not definite.


And sometimes I feel I don't have a label at all.


I don't know what to do, or who to talk to. It is kind of stressing me out.


I could tell my family, yes we're Catholic, but I know both my church and family is supportive of LGBTQ+. I probably won't tell them though, at least not first.


And my friends. I love them to death. I do, but I couldn't tell them. I haven't know them for that long, only about a year. I moved around a lot. And my longest friend, whom I've known since kindergarten, would just be to hard to confess to. I'd probably tell them first, if anything.


But really, I've turned to this anonymous website to say so. I'm just plain confused.


I thought I was straight because I guess society tricked me into thinking that was the default.


But then I was introduced to the possibilities of LGBTQ+.


I thought I was Bi because well, I'm female. And this is a bit personal, even for me, but let's just say I imagined myself with my female friends. But I've had crushes on guys as well.


So I'm Bisexual? No, probably just Biromantic.


Because I think I'm asexual. Personally, I've never been in a relationship. I've never kissed a non-relative. None of that.


But I feel Asexual sometimes. I refuse personal contact, but that's probably just my social anxiety talking (another topic for later). I feel I could kiss someone, but sometimes it feels wrong. AND I'M ALMOST POSITIVE I NEVER WANT TO HAVE SEX. Okay? I don't even want to give birth. I might be to young to know that, I'm just 13, but I still feel that way.


And then there is days where I feel.... without a label. Like today. I don't like boys or girls somedays. It's hard to explain, but I have my label-less days.


So, what is your advice? 'Cuz I need it. Thanks, and I basically just came out. To the internet, anonymously, but still. This was a huge weight off my chest. Thanks.

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Thanks for coming to Community and sharing! We are here to help you and you're not alone :)


It's great that your family are supportive of LGBTQ+. Many people have homophobic families which makes it really hard to come out, so I'm glad that won't be an issue for you :)


Just so you know, it is perfectly okay to not have a label and it's okay to be confused. Society puts pressure on us to know our identity from a very young age, but it often takes people a while to learn these things about themselves - there's absolutely no rush and for many people it can be very fluid.


The important thing is to know that it may take a while for you to figure your your sexuality, and it's okay to question it. It just requires a little bit of patience - that's all! Maybe you could speak to some other people who are struggling with their sexuality? Their stories could help you along your journey.


Also, huge congratulations for coming out on the Internet! When I came out, I first did it online, then to friends, and then family. This helped me to build the courage.


Here are some guides you may find useful:






I hope this advice is helpful and I look forward to hearing back from you and what others in community think


Over and out -Monsoon



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hey, I'm 14 and I feel that way too quite a lot although ive never actually had a proper crush and definitely not a relationship. I just think if I were you that I would just find someone to talk to and that's why im on this website :) Just don't focus on it too much but I know that I just want to figure myself out. I don't know what works for you but I hope it all works out and obviously if you want to talk with anyone then im open to a big old chat :)

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