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Answers to FAQs I've seen often :)


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As you guys probably know, I kind of disapeared last week (I'm on a trip and overestimated my chances to log on and set an away status), and because I couldn't take a full break, I wrote up two guide-type things. This is the first :) Please don't take these answers as the only possible answers, and if there's another question you want or think I should answer, just tell me.

Anyway, here we go (This one is really short)

1. How do you come out?

I answered this one separately. Go look at that :)

2. What gender am I?

 My advice would be to make a graph, and plot you guess to your gender daily. At the end of the week or month, look at the graph, and if there’s a gender that’s featured more than the others, try thinking about that gender, and see if it feels right. If the graph shows a lot of different genders, maybe think about genderfluid or genderflux gender identities

3. Can I have a different attraction romantically than sexually?

Yes, you absolutely can. It’s completely normal :). It’s also normal to have a wider attraction range sexually than romantically, which is something i find is often overlooked and shouldn’t be.

4. What’s my sexuality?

 For this one, there are lots of different ways to figure it out, but I think the best is to imagine a date, then think about who you went out with. Their gender should give you an idea.  From there, you can try a bit of research to see what that means, or ask me :)


That's it :) Thank you for reading

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Hi @Emberfrost12, I hope you had a nice time away.

What great advice! Thank you very much for sharing! I love how supportive and helpful this community is 

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