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There is this guy that likes me (I'm a female) and apparently he's gonna ask me out soon but I don't like him in that way, how do I let him down easy without hurting him? Or do i say Yes so I don't hurt his feelings. But i'm not even sure of my sexuality, someone please help me. What do i say and how can i figure out my sexuality?

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Thanks for coming to Community with this as I'm sure lots of us have been in this situation.


It's important to always be honest. It wouldn't be good for the both of you to say yes to him so you don't hurt his feelings. You could have a talk with him where it is just you two present. In this talk, you could calmly say that although you are flattered that he wants to ask you out, you don't feel the same way about him. You could also say that you could be friends (if you aren't friends already').


Ah, I remember not being sure about my sexuality when I was in school. How are you feeling about all of this? It was horrible and I just wanted to know who I was straight away. However, the thing is, it often takes time to figure out these things about ourselves. I'm 25 now and I still learn new stuff about myself regularly!


It is important to be patient with this - society often puts pressure on us to know our identity from an early age, but there really is no rush. Just take time to see how your feelings develop in terms of whoever you are attracted to.


Here is a help guide which you may find useful:




Let me know if his helps and I look forward to hearing back from you :)


Sending positive vibes -Monsoon :)


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