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What can I do if someone is threatening me online?


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I received a message online, by someone saying 'vengeance is coming'. I know this person, we fell out about 6 months ago and I don't live very far from them and my business is situated not very far from them either. I'm not really dealing very well with this. I just need some advice on what I can do. They were slandering me about 4 months ago on Facebook in posts and I thought it had stopped and I've just seen this message from them. Any advice on where I stand with this? I don't know whether I actually have any case if I take it to anyone as it's just one message. But it's a pretty upsetting one.

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Hey Shay,

that's terrible to hear and must be quite scary.


Have you thought about putting a report into your local police? I think if you're being threatened with violence or something you're really worried about you can report it to them, especially if you know who it is they might be able to sort it out.


Also have you let anybody else know? friends/family? that could be a good start too.

One of the moderators will be able to give better advice to you when they are online!

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Hey Shay,


Thanks for coming to Community with this. We are here to help you through this and you are not alone!


I'm sorry to hear about this situation ? how are you feeling?


That message sounds very threatening and I can imagine how scary that might be. Have you tried reporting this message to the platform you received it on?


Here is a link to a guide which you may find useful in knowing what steps to take to combat the cyberbullying:




At Ditch the Label we have ways to get this type of content removed quickly so I'd be happy to talk more about this - I look forward to your response.


Hang in there! -Monsoon



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