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Have you ever questioned your sexuality?


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I don't know,recently I've been questioning my sexuality- actually, not recently, it's been going on since I was 7 I went through thinking I was straight to lesbian to straight and then lesbian again, recently though I realised I was bisexual and have come out to 4 of my friends, I am anxious to come out to another because a) her mother and my mother are best friends. And  b) I kind of like her  :/

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Hey @Nicky_nellie

Welcome :)

I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who reach out to us. It's lovely to hear you've come out to some of your friends; how did that go? Also, with the other friend, can you tell me more about the anxiety you're feeling around coming out to her?


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Hey monsoon sorry to burst in hope I'm not interrupting you but I've replied yo your message please check it out when you can. No pressure of course 

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