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Feeling ignored


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Hey. For the past couple of years I feel like I have been Ignored emotionally by my parents. 
My parents, specifically my dad, don’t show many emotions, but I am a very emotional person. So you can tell it causes problems . When ever I cry I always get told “why are you crying” or that I am “over reacting”. I am not trying to cry on purpose it just happens and them not trying to understand doesn’t help. Sometimes my mom will see that I am ‘down’ and ask if I am okay, but I don’t feel like expressing myself cause it would just get brushed off again. It’s difficult because there had been problems with my one of my brothers before. They would act out and it made my middle school years very stressful, but my parents were busy trying to help my brother. So they didn’t see the effect their arguing had on me. (Everything with that is fine now).  They see me as the less “problematic” child so I guess they don’t think there’s anything wrong. But I just wish they would try to understand how I feel instead of pulling away. 

Any tips? Thank you! 

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Hey @Mars

Thank you for sharing this with us. I think that it can be really hard when there is such a difference in expressiveness within a family; there can be a bit of a disconnect when people have different ways of dealing with things, which can leave you feeling unheard and brushed off, so I can completely see why you're feeling the way you are. Also, naturally, being seen as the 'less problematic' child can mean you're left to your own devices more, but we all need a certain level of attention, and we all definitely need to feel like someone is hearing us. What do you think?

I'm wondering, do your parents know how you're feeling about all of this? 


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