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How do I get my mom to comply?


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Im really sick and in a lot of pain but my mom is forcing me to go to school and participate in PE, even though I could give it someone else and I just cant do it. When I ask to stay home she gets mad and plays victim saying she never gets a break and says Ive missed too much school. Im on top of all of my work and have good grades. Ive only missed school a couple times because of appointments. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hey E2379,


Thanks for sharing your story and for getting in touch. I know exactly how you must be feeling. With the pain you are in, have you visited a doctor about it? Also, if you do not mind me asking, is there another reason alongside the pain that you do not want to go to school?


Hang in there ? we are here for you! I look forward to reading your response.


Sending positive vibes!


? Monsoon J


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Hey e2739,


Thanks for getting back to me :)! How come you don't want to go to school because of P.E if you don't mind me asking?


In regard to you feeling unwell, have you spoken to your parent/carer about going to the doctors and hospital? If it is something you are truly worried about and they won't take you, you can always make an appointment yourself or maybe tell a teacher at school?


Hang in there! We are here to help you :).


Positive vibes!




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Hey Jake,


Thanks for sharing your story with us and helping out E2379 through telling them about your experience. We are glad that you have decided to talk about your experiences to help other people.


I am sorry to hear that people are saying things like that to you ? how does it make you feel?


Also, can I ask if you have spoken to anyone about the bullying? Nobody should have to put up with being bullied and it is never your fault.


Here is a great article which provides some tips for how to deal with the bullying.



Hang in there, Jake. You are not alone ? we are here to help you!


Over and out, Monsoon :)


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