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Are you religious?


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I haven't had much religious influence? but as I've gotten older I've been thinking more about my ?spirituality.? I think about what I believe it means to be a good person. I focus on bettering myself and making a difference, here, in this life ?




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I guess I'd say my family is more religious and due to that I'd be considered ?religious',but truthfully I believe in a much different aspect than most of my family.As to where my family is majorly Christian I think in a more Jewish perspective so we never really speak about religion much.Anywho that's my comment and I hope it benefits you ~Hawk

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I’m a catholic, but due to COVID-19 I haven’t really been able to go to mass. But I don’t really agree with everything the church does, so I’m fairly liberal. Studying RS at A level has been cool and it has definitely changed my opinion in what I believe. I believe in the consequences and situations of your actions. I support abortion and LGBTQ+. In the NT it says to ‘love one another’ so that’s how I live.

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It's so good to hear about how you've merged the religion with your own liberal views :) and I love the 'love one another' motto that you've taken from the NT.


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