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[Game] Explain your username


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Mine comes from the phrase "my school's only lesbian," and the first initial of my name is Z, so I made MySchoolLesbianZ. Since I'm "my school's lesbian" or "the school lesbian" but I liked "my" better, that's where it comes from.

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Okay, so I act off impulse a lot, and I, out of impulse, asked one of my friends if they wanted to join my cult. They surprisingly said yes, and thus the cult of the fans was born. (A rule of the cult was you had to say 'fan' after every sentence, but we immediately dropped that because everyone forgot, including me). Then, I asked one of my other friends to join, and again, he said yes. Then we both somehow twisted it into the C.C (coconut cult) and it has been a running joke in my friend group every since, and I may or may not be in the process of writing a bible.

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My story is pretty boring. Mine was because I liked to go on Omegle and ask randoms what their favorite dinosaur was. I also like the Sheldon the Tiny Dino comics, so I wanted to make a parade of miniature dinosaurs since they’re so cute πŸ¦–πŸ¦•

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