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My girlfriend came out to some of her family members and I am still in the closet.


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My girlfriend recently came out to her mother, and she told her siblings/cousins that she was gay when she first started having a crush on me. I didn't realize I was even attracted to girls until I kissed my now girlfriend and we started dating. I can't come out because my mother is VERYYY religious and thinks homosexuality is a sin and I am scared to come out to my siblings because I don't really know how they are going to react and since they are still living at home ( I am in college but they are in hs) I don't want to force them to keep that secret for me.

Recently, I feel like I have started to become unconsciously jealous of the relationship my gf has with her family: how close she is with her siblings/cousins in general and the fact that she can talk to them about our relationship(a lot of them have even started following me on insta even though I have never met them), the fact that she was able to tell her mom. This has made me so sad at home because I have to hide it from my family and we are not close also in general. Moreover, I feel like her telling her family means that she is ready to get more serious and is super committed. I am still coming to terms with this new sexuality  (she has known that was gay for years now but only started coming out to people recently, so she much further along in her journey of accepting herself)and want to slow down things but also don't want her to feel like I am backing out, the thing is the more people she tells the more people will also know about me.

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I saw that you reached out to us through the confidential support tab, so I will reply there for now. Speak soon. 


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