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What kind of person am I dealing with?


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Hey, new member here.


So I met this girl a few years back and we started to talk, I guess trying to be friends....but it seem like the whole time, she was either giving mixed signals or throwing shade. So instead of arguing with her, because she is younger than me by a few years .I decided to just leave her be, unfriended her, blocked my number, etc...she still got ahold of me and wanted to ask why so I explained...she ended the conversation by calling me weak, a bitch and a coward..fast forward to almost 6 months later and this same girl is hitting me up asking me where do we stand and she want the best for me and she wish we was friends...but she called me all of these names...and when I tell her how I felt about it, she says I'm "holding a grudge and standoffish" but she been having her guard up with me for ever.....idk how to feel about her coming back....I need help

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Hey. Welcome. 

It sounds like the ending was quite abrupt and like she needed closure. I'm wondering, do you feel like she's had closure now? If she hasn't, is there anything else you can do to help this?


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