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I'm uncertain about my sexual orientation


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Ny names tony I'm 23 years old, 

After going through some life transforming events I opened my heart more to self care and mental health. I released all my stereotypes and got rid of my toxic masculinity and really grew as a person. 

I recently confronted a part of myself that I suppressed for a long time. Ever since I was a teen I would always notice beauty not only in women but men too, inside and out. I've never been sexual attracted to a man before but I've had random fantasies in multiple occasions of being involved with another man. To some extent i always developed somewhat romantic feelings for my hommies (the cute ones).

I'm at a point in life where I'm not afraid to ask what if, and when I asked myself if i was bisexual it didnt scare me like before. In a different world the idea kind of resonated.

Now I'm curious is there common thing that happened to people who found out ? How do you really know you are bisexual. I dont want to jump into something just to come running out again. I guess I'm stilled a little scared because this us new to me and I've spent my life pretending to be homophobic and engaging in meaningless sex with woman just to prove to myself I'm straight. I'm more open I just want to know more.

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Hey @TonyBolony

Thanks for sharing this with us :)

It's really great that you have opened yourself up to self-care. I'm wondering, how would you say your life has changed since you've opened up more in this way? 

Also, I think that recognising and being confident in how to label your identity is different for everyone. Some people just know instinctively, but for other people, they have to experiment and explore so that they can confirm. What do you think about that? 


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