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I'm scared to come out and I don't know what I need... help?

Milly 1    

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Hi, I am bisexual. I came out to my sister, and she took it really well (as expected), but my dad is homophobic, and I think my mom would except me, but she kind of goes along with what my dad does and says. I'm terrified to come out. I'm only 15, and I dont want to be in the closet anymore, but I dont want to be at war with my dad until I'm 18, I dont want him to look at me different. I wish he could see more in people that aren't straight, then just their sexuality, and if I come out, I am afraid that is all he will see. Any advice?

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Hey Milly,

I'm glad that your sister took it really well and I can imagine you feel relieved after that :)

With coming out to your parents, can I ask, do you feel ready? If not, it's totally okay to wait. I'm wondering, even if he does react negatively at first, do you think he could change his mind eventually? Parents have strong love for their child/children, and news like this really helps them to challenge their own beliefs and become more open minded; remembering the strong love gives a lot of people hope to get them through the tricky bit. 

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