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My Writing Goal.


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I have some goals that I hope I can achieve.

The biggest one is wanting to get a book published before the age of 18, i'm currently 12 so it's not totally unachievable. 

The other one that I currently have is I want to share my writing with someone I care about, I am notoriously shy and I really want to share something I have written with my second mother (Not actually related I made a blog post about it if anyone is curious, is the Ms. A one.) She is a writer, and I really want her opinion on my writing. I am terrified about sharing my writing in a not anonymous setting, I have shared a google doc with like 4 friends that has my random writing in it and I don't think they know I shared it with them, cause they don't check their emails that often and they text, i'm the weird one without a phone. My best friend is awesome she lets me look over her shoulder when she is on her phone, unless she specifically says not to. This has gone off track, I would like to say that writing is my dream career whatever my future may hold. 

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