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4 hours ago, Shyguy940 said:

Hey I was just wondering something dose identifying as bi  mean that your gay?

Hey there,

Great question, thanks for asking. Being gay means that you are attracted to guys and bi means that you're attracted to more than one gender, so no, they are different. How come you ask? :) 


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Just some insight but you could find the persons sense of attraction isn't limited to the boundaries of gender, you could be attracted to anything else.... example would be anything that isn't temporary  with a person, such as personality which doesn't change but grows..... correct me if I'm wrong, as this means that if you like the person then their gender generally plays no role( if you go both ways), but its good to know and explore different option so you stick with what you like and enjoy in a partner..... personally I'm straight but don't discriminate when comes different friends as I embrace all  within my friendship circle as long as we respect each others boundaries....simply saying, I treat all according to their personality and not gender😅

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