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body dysmorphia (and dysphoria)


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i just wanted to start this because it's getting really confusing what's dysmorphia and what's dysphoria (also to just bring awareness i guess). i have clinically diagnosed body dysmorphia and it's getting to the point i can't function. i've been binging more too which makes me feel ~really good~ and ~super awesome~ but it's also been drawing attention to my femininity and it's making me feel weird? i don't normally feel super strong chest dysphoria and i'm not sure if im just uncomfortable with my chest because of dysmorphia or dysphoria or like a fun combo of the two. does anyone else struggle with this? and does anyone else like get to the point where you can't go outside or talk to people (even over text) because you just feel too...ugly? 

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Hey @GhostofRon

Welcome to our community :)

My name is Monsoon and I'm one of the digital mentors here. Thank you for explaining how you're feeling at the moment; I can imagine that you're quite confused about this, and it must be tough to have these kinds of questions and concerns about your appearance. How are you feeling about it all? I'm wondering, do you think that the two might be linked to each other? If so, how?


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