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How to be friends with someone who's not a good friend to you.


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So I have some "friends" who I'm involved with as they are partners of my boyfriend's closest friends and family. I recently found out that they talk about me behind my back (as well as talking behind each others backs to me). They've lied about me to each other to make me look like a bad person in situations whilst being nice and apologetic to my face. I want to continue building a relationship with them as not getting on will make things difficult for my partner. How can I be a good friend to them whilst still keeping my distance and not being walked over? 

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Hey there,

Ah, sorry to hear about that. How has this been for you? I can imagine that this has been a pretty upsetting and frustrating experience. I hope you're alright. I'm wondering, if a friend of yours were in this situation, what advice would you give to them?


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