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I AM CONFUSION #whatthefawkismysexuality

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Im a 17 year old female, and im confused!!!!!!    ive always been a bit boy obsessed and i CRAVE validation. But getting older i experimented with a female friend and i also find her extremely attractive (sexually too).  she kinda opened my eyes to the fact that i find a lot of other girls attractive and  non-binary people,  still some men. however ive also realised the men that im attracted to are usually celebrities and are unatainable. i can also imagine being in a relationship with all genders.  but every time i think mabye im not  straight i feel some type of guilt and i just dont know if im overthinking everything and im just straight. but also ive taken A LOT of quizzes and i usually get results other then straight, and when i get straight i find im dissapionted!!! does this mean something??  but i also dk if i actuallylike someone as a friend or more? and idk if i actually like men or just want validation? someone PLEASE HELP MEEEE

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Hey there,

Welcome to our community and thank you for opening up to us about this. I'm curious to know about the guilt you're experiencing; can you tell me what you're feeling guilty about? Also, yeah, that is interesting that you feel disappointed when you get 'straight'. What do you think that could mean? 


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