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Did I come out wrong?

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so i just came out as bi to my mom. i (24f) am engaged to a 23 year old male, who i already came out to. my family has always been very accepting of anything and my moms best friend is an open lesbian. my brother, sister-in-law, and fiance wer all at my moms today and everyone in the room knew i was bi except my mom. I had tried to come out to her several times before but i always get too scared and back out. my sister-in-law made a comment about a new character being bisexual in a show and i got a little spurt of confidence and said โ€œhey mom did u know im bisexual?โ€ And she thought it was a joke, which i totally get cuz i was giggling and stuff but we all kept saying โ€œno, really!โ€ We eventually let it slide and went home a while later. I then texted her and said โ€œhey, i really am bisexual by the way. Not a joke:)โ€ and she didnt believe me at first. Asked how i knew since i have never had sexual experience with a woman. Then called me. I told her ive known for a while and just thought that would be a casual opportunity to come out, as i didnt want to make it a huge deal since it doesnt change anything. She said i needed to take it more seriously and that i shouldnt have come out like that. I 100% regret it now but am i wrong for coming out that way? I truly thought she would just say โ€œoh really? Awesome!โ€ like my fiance, friends, and brother did. Any advice on how to go forward from here would be appreciated. Currently cant stop crying:/

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Hey @notkelly

Welcome and thank you for opening up to us here. How are you feeling now? I noticed that some time has passed since you made this comment. I'm sorry to hear that you're upset at the moment, but I can totally understand your reaction. From what you've said, I think that you handled coming out really well, and I'm curious to know, did your mother say how you should have gone about it?


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