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My chicken died

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Hi, this evening I went out to take care of my chickensย  and my favorite, Ruth, was missing. I loved her so much. She was short and squat, and a bantam. She had feathery feet and was so soft and adorable. She would let me pet her. I don't know where she is and so I have to assume it was eagles who took her. I was running around, trying to find her, of a pile of feathers to show what happened. Instead I found a skeleton of a chicken. It was a chicken who had died a little while ago and it was just bones and I walked up to it and I saw feet. It had two chicken feet, not Ruth's. It was just this skeleton with chicken feet on it, from one of my chickens named Crow. I can't get the image out of my mind. I keep thinking about it and then starting to cry. But I can't cry. I can't be fine then start crying. I love Ruth. I don't want her dead.ย ย 

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Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear about Ruth. How are you feeling? It's so upsetting when we lose a pet, especially when we don't expect it to happen. It can be really helpful to have a little funeral if you feel up to it, as it helps to give a sense of closure to the loss. What do you think?ย 


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