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My mom is making me go to (violin) orchestra and I am the youngest and it is a bunch of 8th grade boys (I'm younger then 8th grade) and I joined even though it started like a month ago and I don't know the songs I am so worried I will failllllllll. I also did awful on my chord test (I am trying to learn guitar in music) and I got a B+. It is horrible! Also recently I have been crying myself to sleep, and sometimes I start talking really fast and am hyper and other times I don't even want to go to school and am really tired and unhappy. Does anyone know why? Like is there something I can do to fix this? I also think I have been having panic attacks, where I start breathing really fast and crying and I can't get enough air and I think I am going to fail and I can't move. I want this to stop happening. 

           Love, Star

P.S. I know this isn't really mental illness but I just don't want to get in trouble in case I said something someone doesn't like

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Hey @Star23

Thank you for telling me more about how your mental health is at the moment. I do think it's good to be aware of how we are feeling and explore things that we can do to help ourselves when struggling; we all have mental health that we need to nurture, the same way we do with our physical health. You won't get into trouble here - your experiences are valid and we are here to support you 🙂

From what you've said, it kind of sounds like you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself at the moment. do you think it's fair to say that? I guess that the main thing that helped me to notice that was when you said you did awfully on your chord test, but then said that you got a B+. That is good, right? It does sound like you're having a hard time at the moment, especially with the panic and anxiety. I'm wondering, do you know what kind of things help you to calm down when you're feeling this way? 


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