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Coming out as trans to mentor at college

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I dont know how i should tell my wellbeing mentor at college that im trans. Ive had her for a year and will have her for another year and want to tell her. I was thinking of doing it by email but feel i need to tell her in person but dont feel confident enough to do it.

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I have always been better in writing ie emails than i have when talking to someone. I dont know what i would say and my anxiety would be high at that point so i would just end up not saying what i want. If i did it by email i could plan what i would say. I just dont know how or what to write.

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Hey @Elliot9

Yeah, I get what you're saying about being better writing emails. I'm wondering, is there something you could do to help your anxiety in the moment? Do you do any breathing or other relaxation strategies when you're anxious?

I think it could be good to plan what you will say. Once you've planned it, you could even say it in person if you feel up to it. Maybe you can practise here and pretend that I'm your mentor and type out what you would say to come out? 


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