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my mother went a lil crazy when she got drunk


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i've talked bout my drunk mother before but i'm back with another story yayyyy, this was like weeks ago but during this time my sister had a friend over and i kinda thought it was a chill night i was getting ready for bed and stuff then suddenly i heard my sister scream my name and then i remembered oh my mothers drinking and she's probably just disturbing my sister and her friend so i took my time getting up and bursted into my sister room cuz y not i was just gonna tell my mother to get out of there and stop being stupid but then my mother looked at me and said "your not gonna save shit" cuz i ran in there trying to "save" my sister  and then my mother shoved me out of the doorway which she doesn't normally do when she's drunk and my sister was saying how my mum had her phone so i guess i'm going to get her phone now (also for a little context my sister texted me hours earlier telling me to take my mum's phone away cuz she was kept calling and texting one of my sisters other friends and was basically harassing her cuz she's also the babysitter for my mums grandchild and my mum wasn't allowed to see the child and she was blaming everyone for it) so i was walking after my mother everyone was kinda shocked my mother was screaming asking for my sisters password and i'm not clear wut happened but my sister kinda got swatted in the face? i'm not sure if u could call it a hit exactly but my mother hand definitely made contact with my sisters face in a harmful way and my sister was so fucking confused by this like everyone was my mother had never done anything like this before so of course my sister (who just turned 18, not that it really matter but she's not a child) started crying so that was my queue to her in between my mum and sister to try to stop my crazy mother but she kept reaching around me to get to my sister and i was able to kinda distract my mum for a bit but my mum ended up putting me in a headlock not to tight of one but still- and my sister made a run for it to the bathroom (also my mum's boyfriend was literally watching all of this in his underwear i have no fucking clue wut he was doing but he does soemthing later but also liek fucking take a picture it'll last longer hes so annoyin he could stopped this stuff before it got this bad) anyway my mum let me out of the hold and ran after my sister and broke the bathroom door to get to her and my sister was screaming and crying and freaking out and i ended up grabbing my mum and pulling her to the back of the bathroom to hold her back again and my sister ran somewhere else i'm not sure where but she ended up gettin her phone back and got outside idk how- but again my mum's boyfriend just chillin there and i end up letting go of my mum and my mums boyfriend stands in the doorway of the bathroom and tells me i should leave bitch id love to get tf out of my way first goddamn, this is where i kidna made a mistake- my mother was huffing and puffing and she looked so angry but i can never take my drunk mother seriously so imma be honest- she looked kinda silly so on my way out of the bathroom i put up both my fists kinda like a "u wanna go?" type of thing and yuh she wanted to fuckin go- i opened my bedroom door and just stood there and idk ig she didn't like me lookin at her cuz she put her hand to my throat and shoved me into my room and i almost fell but i'm petty so i went back to the same place and she did it again but when she shoved me in this time she grabbed my door and closed it but i was like "i ain't done with u yet" so i opened my door and all of a sudden my mothers boyfriend is on top of my mum like sitting on her stomach and before i opened the door there was a loud bang- my mums boyfriend like did some takedown on here i'm not gonna go into how fucking suspicious it was that he only did that when no one was looking and he didn't fuckin do that way earlier? but yeah so apparently my mother head got slammed into the ground she's fine btw but wut was really sad i think other than my sister screaming for me who weighs 20 pounds less than her to come help- is that after my mother got basically tackled she started yelling for me and my sister to help her- and my sister was outside at this point but i just told my mother no and if she wanted me to help she wouldn't have done all that stuff (also- as soon as i opened the door and saw my mum on the ground i immediately closed the door again btw) that's basically the end of that event my sister and her friend ended up like getting the heck out of there and went to my brothers and told him bout the whole thing and my younger brother was with our dad during the whole thing and no one bothered to tell him bout it so it was very weird cuz the day after me and my sister were avoiding my mother like the plague and she gave us some bullshit text apology like "i know wut i did wasn't right but, [insert dumb excuse here]" but my brother still talked to my mother like everything was normal, that same day my mother made a group chat yellin at me my sister and my brother was sister stayed with that night and complained bout us keeping her from seeing her grandchild by telling the brother that has the baby wut she did when she was drunk (no surprise my brother wouldn't let her see the baby because of her drinking and she made it worse for herself) 

OK now on for the main reason i'm ever here sorry for rambling but i still haven't forgiven my mum for wut she did cuz idk i just think it wasn't very fun and she didn't seem to give a genuine apology not that i'd even except one but yeah and when i tell her i'm still upset she basically tells me to get over it and that there's nothing she can do about it and it's even more upsetting- but i remembered this certain event that happened that made me pretty sad actually typing that i just remembered 2, so in one my older brother put other brother in a headlock and my mother freaked out and was separating them and stuff and tried to get one of my brothers out of the house and wutever but my mother does the same thing to me- and she thinks she can get away with it and that everything's fine? i think that's wack but i suppose it wasn't too hard of a headlock ig, another time my older brother got mad at my mum and so he put his hand around her neck and kinda choke shoved her similar to what my mother did to me- and my mother literally screamed at him to get out of the house and kicked him out for awhile- and my mother was even thinking of calling the police ngl i was too when my mother went crazy but anyway- so someone chokes her she throws them out, she chokes me i should be fine with it and tell her good morning and ask about her day and and pretend like nothing happened- there kinda a double standard here if u see wut i'm sayin and my friend made a good point- if i did any of the things my mum did to me or my sister to my mother then she would either kick me out of the house for a bit (i'm not sure cuz i'm a minor) or she'd ground me to oblivion like i'd have nothin or shed send me yo therapy idk but- when she does something she can get away without consequence i just think that's a little unfair and i'm kinda thinking she expects us to get over it so quickly cuz that's wut she did in her family like her fam wasn't the nicest but that don't mean u gotta be an ass to us like wut the heck we're not used to this kind of treatment but anyway uhhh usually i can get over things easily and for a bit i thought i was over this but actually no it's just my moms in a different state and i haven't seen her for a while but i thought but the experience again and all the other things i listed (it was actually pretty scary for me i was shaking the whole time) and i actually cried more like just an hour ago than i did after the actual even occurred probably cuz i didn't really think of it like that till now also that happened near the time i was gonna start school so that's annoying but uhh i think that's it also probs unrelated but i've been getting a lot more hitty ig like idk i've been punching things when i've been mad no people tho so we good ok bye ig (sorry for making it so long-)

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Hello @Atreus

Thank you for coming to us about this. I'm really sorry to hear that things are so hard at home at the moment. I just want you to know that I've sent you a private message so we can talk there. I hope to hear back from you soon. 

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