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  2. well my mother is not in any therapy anymore i don't think she has been for a while but she does take a lot of medicine for stuff like mental health and physical health shit but tho i wasn't feeling bad for my mother at that time and only really saw her as being annoyin- one day when she was drunk she was like crying a lot and i was in the morning and i just was talking with her and stuff then her boyfriend came in and they started arguing and then her called her fat ugly and lazy- and dude i was so surprised anyone had the fucking audacity to say that to my mother and i can't believe he fucking got away with it like my mother has never attacked him for his appearance at all even tho she was very drunk and i can't believe he said that cuz he weighs more than her, and ik beauty is in the eye of the beholder or wutever but he don't look to good ngl ik i'm also stooping to the level of attacking someone's appearance but cmon- my mother is taking diet medication and has a diet doctor and is eating healthy so he can stfu i don't eat healthy worth a shit i actually just finished a whole thing of chocolate icecream by myself in one sitting and only reason i still weigh less than 100 pounds is cuz my speedy fast metabolism anyway- my mother is also not lazy she does stuff all the time and for the longest time we didn't even have chores to do cuz my mother did them all so ik lowkey spoiled anyway- my mother ain't ugly either but now she's feeling really bad bout how she looks and she has like half a meal a day unless she drinks but like- also did i mention her boyfriend IS A PSYCHOLOGIST and he literally specializes in addiction- wether my mother is an alcoholic at this point or not he needs to stfu like atleast be a little understanding?? like the man is old so he was study psychology when dinosaurs roamed the earth so ig his knowledge a little outdated but still someone gotta get this man- also the reason him and his wife divorced was cuz he and i quote "smashed her head into a wall" and i betcha their son dont no bout it, also my mother has pictures of like defensive wounds ig she got from her boyfriend but like she's also beat his ass before so idk if she can really do anything bout it- they r just not at all good for each other but no she really doesn't have much support ig? besides that one time i listen to her also her boyfriend is also kinda rude to me ngl he's called me an asshole and a bitch and once told me to go to my room cuz he was losing an argument with me- ik u can't exactly trust my word on that cuz i'm a biased source but he was saying my argument made no sense and i was tryna explain how it did make sense and he was like "you know wut? go to ur room" like bro- uuuuhhhh but yuh we can't even talk bout our drunk mum to our drunk mum cuz she's always like "i don't wanna talk about it" so- also everytime they argue she's always like "you see why i drink? he's completely sober" her boyfriend gots problems o and i don't think we can afford therapy the one time i went it was like $50 a session like wut- also idk if our insurance covers that it barely covers glasses and also my mum spending money on a lawyer for the eviction thing so idk and ik not sure how social workers work but i'll ask- o and i'm feeling like ok bout this ig? just that one time i was particularly stressed ig cuz again- 4 in the morning and there were ppl at the house that weren't aware of the situation so-
  3. hi thanks for r concern but it's chill my mother should be goin to bed now and even tho she kinda get mad violent when she's drunk she has not hit me yet and if she do i'll hit her bac it's fine she'd forgive me i'm sure (no i'm not saying like actually hit her or nothin she's twice my weight i'm only 95 pounds so don't be thinkin i would do any damage-) but yes it's fine just can't sleep rn this shouldn't happen too much more cuz she probs broke and hopefully can't afford more wine- but again everything is fine and safe and we shall pretend it didn't happen in the morning
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  5. Atreus


    ok so it's not really self harm cuz it don't hurt like i pull out the whole thing even the part of the hair inside my head and uhhh i have lost the tweezers so yay i think and uhh i got another bald spot on my head so rippp and it's all cuz one infected hair that i start pullin like i swear i pull the hair i need to then all the ones around it and most times i even know wut i'm doin but i don't stop i big stupid now me mum takin me to the dermatologist and she won't lemme cut my hair s a d
  6. heck forgot to say i'm in no need of gender diagnosis or something idk but then again y would i write this idk just uhuuuuhhhhg i'm existing and it's fine i don't need a define myself to no one
  7. eeeeeeeee ok so i know i want flat chest, not sure about T but tbh y not, uhhhhh i remember getting upset that i couldn't go around the house shirtless anymore cuz girls don't do that anddd i realized i may have confused attraction for envy like i used to see this chic with ******* like wow i wanna be her and a guy with muscles and a beard like i wanna marry a guy like him but not i'm over here staring at guys' flat chests like "can i has?" and i've accepted that i ain't cis like it's wutever uhhhhh i'm asexual fun fact and idk if that has anything to do with me being fine not having a ****** just sayin and welll once in the sims and i made a dude rhat was supposed to be my characters boyfriend and i spent like an hour making him and he was adorable and i just realized i could have made my transition goals, oh also in 8th grade i would randomly watch transition timelines cuz y not also i might still be attracted to guys idk i like to think of myself as a pan romantic but wutever uhhhhhhh lets talk about wut happened today so i have a short hair cut rn and i got called my birth name a lot today cuz we were like having a whole ass family reunion or something and uhhh there was this child i'm supposed to be related and she, in front of this other person called me "he" and like i got a wave of nervousness and i was like wtf then i realized i was low key kinda scared the other person was gonna 'correct' her or something also i has to call myself a chic a lot to day cuz we were talking bout piercing when ur older and like how ur skin gets saggy and such and i was like imagining myself as like a badass looking old GUY and yeah also we was talking bout me never speakin to my fam again cuz most of them transphobes and they were all like "Y U LEAVIN USSSS" and i was just like uhhhhhhhhh idk but yeah......... not sure wut else to say except me mum won't lemme cut my hair again and it's ********* me off now imma go continue to scroll through reddit lookin at trans memes to somehow validate myself bbbyyeeeee
  8. hello hello i can relate my dude like my friend facetimed me as soon as she found out her mom died while i was on vacation and i tried my fucking b e s t to muster a single tear but i couldn't like i didn't know the chic and i can't relate to losing a family member so i just kinda changed the subject as well i actually called her the other day and she said "saying anything is better than nothing" and i don't think she meant that but i tried so i told her it sucks that her mum died then i just hung up and then yeah i felt kinda forced to say that so ummm yeah i was just complaining after that oh also a car fell on my brothers leg once (don't worry it wasn't bad he can walk fine) and like literally every single one of my sibling were calling for an ambulance and i was just like dudes chill jeez and it turns out we didn't even need an ambulance cuz my mum just ended up runnin him to the emergency room so oh and at one point my younger brother even called 911 twice like that would make them get there any faster like wtf okkk uhh another thing umm ok so my mother and father were once fighting in the car and he told her to pull over so she did and this man just walked out and started walking down the road and my siblings were balling and since i wasn't i felt i needed to like blend in i suppose so i put my blanket over my head and he ended up getting back in the car cuz my mum wouldn't leave him alone uhhh the woods around my house once caught on fire and everyone was freaking out and calling the fire department and i was just chilling and hecking l a u g h i n g at them goin crazy but looking back at it, some animals coulda died and that's pretty upsetting, uuuhuhuuuu sadly i'm also very violent idk y probs get it from my family so anyway i would like purposely hurt my siblings and force a sorry infront of my mom and say it was an accident it lately i've stopped doin that like i legit thro shoes at them and punch them kick them bite them and all that crap like bro (i'm very prone to throwing stuff, probs y i'm a marksmen main) oh anyway uhhh i relate.... thats it
  9. Atreus


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  10. apologies if it sounds like i'm bouta commit ded like i'm not i swear i just wanted so say i've been so fucking stupid ok so dudes have u read the title of this website? it's literally called ditch the label and do u know wut my dumbass has been doing? trying to find a label for myself, i'm so fucking stupid dudes like i don't give a shit about no fucking label backside tbh i kinda fit in all of them, name literally anything and i bet fucking money that i somehow relate to it. y'all just gotta remember everything a fucking spectrum and it don't matter like people label themselves as stuff to like identify themselves with a group or community and be proud of who they is and they also use that label as a way of simplifying who they r to other ppl, i may have already mention this shit in another post but i don't care ok, i just be livin here i don't need no fucking label cuz i know kinda wut i am like i know my likes and dislikes and that's all that matters so imma just exist if that's ok with that and if u ain't then umm sorry for u loss cuz i ain't changin bitches, i don't owe nobody an explanation of who or wut i am so like fuck off y'all imma just be drinking pepsi and eating chocolate icecream and there ain't nothing u dudes can do bout that so yeah that's all imma just go now i may be back if shit hits the fan i mean u never know
  11. yes i'm back for round three, this is about meeting this guy who has been my brothers best friend for years until he started doing drugs and how he possibly stole my brothers laptop but i don't believe these stories cuz he a good kid and he the best like legit y'all should meet him and if he was a drug addict he ain't anymore, anyway me and the fam were walking around the mall and we randomly see him and start waving and he says hi to everyone except me, tho he does look at me a couple times, (btw i look completely different, like a whole different t gender dudes) and he's like where's the other one (me)? and i be sitting here fucking dying and questioning my whole existence broski idk and me mum like oh SHES right here, and then she gestured towards this me who was barely out of his view and he was like oh sorry i didn't see u, u were hiding from me and in my head i'm like bitch no i wasn't u just didn't recognize cuz i look so fucking awesome now admit it u bitch ass hoe (jk i could never hate him he is like so fucking cool and i'm the only one that still believes his innocent for many reasons like i will be this dudes lawyer if he ever taken to court and he don't even like me that much but i don't give a shit... ok i refuse to proof read this cuz it late here so like sorry for misspellings and heck not that i think about it, does the stuff u even posted count as a gender post like yeah it mentions it but it's mostly about ppl lookin at me like i'm a guy so apologies if you were looking for some possibly trans kid going thru a crisis i mean i'm chill broski sand uhhh bye (i'll post more gender related stuff tomorrow hopefully)
  12. okay so here's more detail about wut happened at this wonderful clothing store, so me and the fam we're shopping and i found stuff i liked and i wasn't familiar with the changing rooms cuz i like never use them i just hold the clothes up to me and assume they fit but my mum didn't want to do that so the the changing rooms we go and there's this couple sitting in from of it and i don't like ppl so i was like uuuuuuhhhhhhh no and my mum who didn't know the place even had a changing room asked the ppl if this was the place to change and the guy said yes but who i assumed to be his wife looked legit c o n c e r n e d like she was so fucking confused it was kinda funny (btw i look like a guy which i mean i don't care as long as i think i look good and like yeah i'm still the daughter which i'm not too happy about but who fucking cares that's life) so she was like you mean u want the men's changing room? and in my head i was like sure idc just lemme try on these pants and my mum kept tryin to tell her i'm a chic (atleast she thinks i'm a chic) and the woman finally figured it out and i was so embarrassed i just waited till they left the store to get them pants. also another thing, i asked an EMPLOYEE what room i can change in and he said either one and i'm like HAHA I CAN GO ANYWHERE BITCHES like legit that actually surprised me they didn't have gender specific changing areas idk if they being inclusive or just don't give a fuck. ok one more thing, y'all may be thinking, y u could have just walked into the changing room on the masc side and wut i say to that is... i felt like peeps would call me out, and my mum, and siblings, and literally everyone would be lookin at me like wtf r u doin cuz to them that the boy changin room ok i'm done but also not later
  13. sup yall im here im queer- ok so my mum kinda dont really fucking care no more shes like we going to holister u get wutever and i got masc clothes i mean whether im trans or not i dont give a fuck i just wanna wear clothes i think look nice and i was also walking around the mall with my pal and we were at spencers and some chic came up to here and said her boyfriend cute and i was like holy fuck im cute?!??! like no one ever called me cut but i enjoyed it yall i mean we aint dating but yeah, also while in holister some chic directed me to the mens changing room so thats cool ok gtg bye
  14. yall probs like wtf who cares, well this dude popular and dont worry dudes i dont have a crush on him or nothing im just really no popular and nobody talks to me but i dont blame them tbh. anyway im just sittin here not doin nothing and he comes up to me and asks me how to do something on the computer,sadly i didnt have the answer i just kinda chatted with him like dude idfk i didnt do shit and bro he was os calm while talking to me and im just not used to that and there were like 20 other people in this class and he decided to ask me. im really not sure if i kinda made my point clear and im too lazy to read back over this shit so like yeah im an outcast and some dude talked to me like i was a normal person ad this kinda sounds like im a victim?? sorry bout that dont worry my life chill everything fine just wanted to word it like that uhhh thats pretty much it idk if thats a brag but its wutever
  15. why hello i'm someone who will probably never come out because i don't know wut i am but i also don't care or feel like i need to tell anyway so like don't even worry bout it fam like just chill with ur pals and ur fine like when u 18 get the fuck outta there and don't look back but if u wanna stay in contact with ur fam then idk wut to tell ya because u may only be hurtin urself stickin round like that but u do wut i want like i ain't gonna stop u just like they can't stop u unless u let em so ya live ur life and don't feel like u need to come out cuz i still gonna be their kid tho like they can't really change that
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