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I don't like what I see and It's making me worry a whole deal lot

minrin Β  Β 

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TW// ED(?)

It is not new to me to be dissatisfied with my body. A couple years back, I really went through a phase where I would restrict myself food or starve myself on purpose to lose weight. It's because I don't like how I look. Prior the pandemic, I was doing okay in this department (body image). I was very much satisfied with my body mass and build, but due to the sudden lockdown, my life turned a complete 180 and I started to gain weight- without me fully noticing it. Now, I have a boyfriend and we're relatively new.Β  I kind of feel stressed out that I gained weight and I feel especially aggravated because I just want to look good for my partner.Β  Any suggestions on how to manage this stress?

My boyfriend assures me that I look great despite the weight I put on but I just don't feel great about it... Help?

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Hey @minrin

Thanks for coming to us for support with this. It's interesting that you were doing fine until until the sudden lockdown. I think that for a lot of people, stress is helped with eating, and it can be helpful to find other ways to manage. I wonder, could your stress levels be linked to you potentially eating more/exercising less?Β Also, what has helped you in the past to deal with your stress?Β 


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