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Should i come out or wait?


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im fairly young at the age of 12 but iv know that im gay for about a year and only told my 2 best friends and they completely support me. But i live with my grandparents and im not scared there gonna disown me or anything cuz my sis (16) come out as bi earlier this year and they accepted her. Im just scared there not gonna approve of it  because of my age. Witch i guess is the same but i just dont know what to do witch has left me in a depressed state and soon led to having sever anxiety thinking about what would/could happen and wanted some help on what i should do and what age is best to come out. PS: I'll most likly forget about this website so dm me on Discord: ***** 


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Thanks for reaching out to us about this. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I can give you advice on this. Would you prefer us to email you instead incase you do forget about the website? We can't message you on Discord, sorry! I'll wait a couple of days for you to reply here, and if you don't, I will email you. Speak soon 🙂


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I personally think you should. If you feel ready and want to, you should. But if you are having doubts about your sexuality don't. People come out much earlier then 12 sometimes. Also, if your grandparents accepted your sister they will cost certainly accept you.  Age isn't really a huge thing, and 12 is a good age. I think maybe 9 is the youngest, because if you know, you know. I apologize if this is mostly rambling but yes, you should tell them. 12 is a FINE age to come out. Don't worry. You'll be okay.

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