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i need help with coming out


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so i have confirmed that i am bisexual after going back and forth between myself  saying i wasn’t then i am  for over 2 years and i finally figured myself out. First of all i was comfortable telling my lesbian best friend because i knew she would instantly be really happy for me and she was, however i told my mum in the evening snd she wasn’t happy for me snd she said i was only 15 and didn’t know what i wanted which made me feel like she didn’t accept me, she was not happy and she didn’t show me any kind of support or anything and it has made me really upset and i’m not really sure what to do now and i don’t know how to tell the rest of my family because i am scared they won’t accept me either.

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Hey @7Holly7

Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice and support to those who reach out to us.

I'm really sorry to hear that your mother reacted this way, and I can totally get why you're really upset about this. It can take a lot of courage to come out to those who we love, and when they react by telling us that it's a phase, it can really get to us. I just want you to know that we are here for you. Can I ask, do you think she's not happy for you because she thinks you don't know what you want and doesn't want you to make a mistake, or do you think it's because she isn't accepting of bisexuality? I think it might be the shock to be honest; hearing this kind of thing can really catch people off guard, and once they've taken some time to calm down, it usually gets better. Why don't you have a read of this support guide? I think you'll find it helpful: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/my-parents-didnt-react-well-to-me-coming-out/

Speak soon.


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