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Idk how to support my best friend...


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My best friend is one of the loveliest people I know and she always tries to be good to others. But she keeps feeling like she isn't good enough and could be better to people. This leads to overthinking and she's just really low about it. She drifted away from one of her friends she knew since she was a kid last year or so, and as far as I can see, it's something that just happened naturally and her friend doesn't even know that she feels awful about it. She feels like she ruined the relationship by avoiding her too much and keeps beating herself up for not reaching out to her. And this is just one thing. There are so many people she worries about and though I keep telling her that she can always talk to me about anything, she rarely lets others know when she isn't having a good time or feeling terrible. She isn't really at her best rn and hasn't been for a while. 

I'm not sure what I can do for her, especially since I can't actually meet up with her and she only really talks about things if we're on a call and not texting. We do have a video call for a few hours once every week, but idk what I can do other than listen. Is there anything I can do to make her genuinely feel better about herself? There's only so much affirmative words from me can do, and I don't think I'm really changing the situation. I do think that a therapist would help, and so does she, but idk how we can get access to someone. 

Any advice??


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Hey @troubledwaters

It's lovely that you want to help your friend; she is lucky to have you :)

I think that sometimes, the best thing we can do is listen, which I'm sure you're great at. When people feel like they aren't good enough, it usually stems from previous experiences which lead to us thinking negatively about ourselves. This way of looking at ourself can take a while to undo, but we can all move through this kind of problem. We all have the power within ourselves to get to where we need to be and make the right changes. I am confident that your friend can work on this. 


 Does your friend have an idea as to why they might have started feeling this way? If you like, you can recommend that she joins us here and we can talk to her too. Also, does your friend have the money for therapy? If so, I could potentially help her to find someone. If not, I could also look for some free services for her. Let me know. 


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