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Who homeschools?


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My parents are very close to pulling me out of school (for reasons I wont say) and I was wondering if anyone here who homeschools could answer a few questions!

Are you still able to meet up with your friends regularly?

Do you get lonely not working with a class?

Is it more interesting than school?

Even if you can only answer 1 I dont mind I just want to know before I go through with it

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First of all, I found it kind of hard to see my friends, but since we are pretty close we find times to meet and text pretty often. Second of all, I find regular school better. Homeschool you do get more free time, less homework, more fieldtrips, and you can work wherever you want instead of just in a desk. Unless you have siblings, I  bet it would be pretty lonely. It is kind of lonely anyways, since you don't see people all day. I wish i could have responded sooner but I joined yesterday.

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