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Toxic relationships with friends


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Hi, im kinda new to this, so yeah.


basically, i have this friendship problem thats happening at school. this girl. lets call her cupcake. cupcake was my childhood bestie. she was like a pure goddess. me and her were part in this friendship group that we had.  and basically what happened, because of some arguments and disagreements, our group spilt into 2. cupcake and her friends were together, and my friends were together. and what she is doing right now is absurd. she's telling my friends to come to her and play with her at breaktime. and my friends did. all i have is my bff.  what should i do?


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Welcome to our support community! I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to our members who reach out to us :)

I'm sorry to hear about how the group split off into two and that Cupcake is now playing with your other friends to the point where you have just your bff. I'm wondering, are you happy enough to have your bff and let your other friends play with Cupcake, or would you like to play with them too? I'm just thinking that if so, you could ask for them to play with you as well? Also, could to speak to Cupcake about what happened and try to patch things up? 


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