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Being an activist in my Diocese


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I currently have an agenda for LGBTQ people in church! I want them to feel welcome because they are. 

Being a pioneer in this movement is quite difficult. I wish I wasn't alone, but the few steps I take will be few steps that the next person will not have to! 

I am in a discussion with my Bishop on how to include trans people who were baptized as babies and under their old gender and dead-name. We are making progress! 

I feel in a very slow fight, and yet I'm wining. This "fight" had to be done years ago, but I still am proud to be a part of it! 

To help me understand other parts of the LGBTQ, I read many, MANY book on pride, what it actually means to be gay, trans, and queer theory so I can give a brief answer to anyone about anything! 

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi Dywwik,

Just wanted to jump on here to say a huge congratulations on doing what you're doing. Using your voice to make your church a safe space for others is such a huge, commendable thing and you should be hugely proud of yourself - that takes a lot of courage and determination. Keep it up and keep using your voice - you are powerful and are creating real change for others. Well done.


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That’s amazing :). The world needs more people like you, especially in spaces where there can be resistance towards accepting people form minority groups. Truly inspiring work! 

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