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Found 24 results

  1. I currently have an agenda for LGBTQ people in church! I want them to feel welcome because they are. Being a pioneer in this movement is quite difficult. I wish I wasn't alone, but the few steps I take will be few steps that the next person will not have to! I am in a discussion with my Bishop on how to include trans people who were baptized as babies and under their old gender and dead-name. We are making progress! I feel in a very slow fight, and yet I'm wining. This "fight" had to be done years ago, but I still am proud to be a part of it! To help me understand other parts of the LGBTQ, I read many, MANY book on pride, what it actually means to be gay, trans, and queer theory so I can give a brief answer to anyone about anything!
  2. I started an lgbt+ blog! It's honestly the coolest thing. I kinda started it as something to present in the writing club I'm in but it's become my literal child at this point, and I'm so proud of it. The website is prismbloglgbt.weebly.com if you want to check it out. I'd also LOVE some ideas if you want to give them to me:)
  3. I got enrolled on a scheme I applied for! My tutor is lively and he’s said that he’s proud of me as I’ve gained confidence and everything. The scheme has honestly helped me so much and has definitely saved my life.
  4. I haven't been very active here recently but that's because my life has taken an interesting turn for the best! I started a fan-account on my favorite band, which is doing very well; I came out, in addition to my best friend, to another person as well (which was made easier by a necklace, LGBTQ themed, which I ordered online) and am about to come out to another friend; I finally went to see a therapist and she helped me a lot. I also want to see a psychologist to finally get an official diagnosis so my parents finally believe that I'm not mentally okay (I'm seeing a family counselor atm, since my family-care doctor/healthcare system though that she is the same thing as a psychologist); My scoliosis is getting better by the day; I started depending less and less on what others think (especially my mom); I took down in weight; I finally left my chess class since with everything it was becoming too much and so I decided to give it up; I finally had the courage to dye my hair. I also did two things I'd never think I would: I am planning to go to art school even though I have never been good at it (since I already go to photography classes there, I thought next year I could also learn composition and drawing). I was also thinking about taking singing classes at my music school, and I started recording myself singing. Overall, I just wanted to share the fact that it can be okay in the end. It will get better eventually. Half a year to a year ago I was a depressed, suicidal individual with bad hygiene, memory. Now I'm confident, healthy, and most important of all - I have finally found ways to be happy. So, I finally did it! I finally exited the never-ending tunnel and ended up in a world of colors. Some are still black but even the best of us have a little black inside ourselves.
  5. Today I did something I really needed to do but I was too scared to do it until now. I finally contacted childline about my home life and I feel so much better. I wanted to share with someone who wasnt the source of the problem so here I am!
  6. I have some great news about my case! All the odds where agents me in this case the other side were ready to pound me into the ground. But! an angel was watching over me. The Mother of the girl who I sent lewd photos to (she did to). The Mother was apparently sending my lewd photos to her friends and degrading me. The Police somehow got this information and is now lunching a full scale investigation on her. I'm going to the mattresses So watch out I'm coming!
  7. Daya


    Hello, my name is Daya and I am 15, and last time I was on here I wasn't in very good shape. I have come out to my siblings and mostly public about my sexuality except with my parents. I have an online girlfriend that I knew as a friend for more than a year and she makes me very happy.
  8. yall probs like wtf who cares, well this dude popular and dont worry dudes i dont have a crush on him or nothing im just really no popular and nobody talks to me but i dont blame them tbh. anyway im just sittin here not doin nothing and he comes up to me and asks me how to do something on the computer,sadly i didnt have the answer i just kinda chatted with him like dude idfk i didnt do shit and bro he was os calm while talking to me and im just not used to that and there were like 20 other people in this class and he decided to ask me. im really not sure if i kinda made my point clear and im too lazy to read back over this shit so like yeah im an outcast and some dude talked to me like i was a normal person ad this kinda sounds like im a victim?? sorry bout that dont worry my life chill everything fine just wanted to word it like that uhhh thats pretty much it idk if thats a brag but its wutever
  9. I came out as asexual panromantic to four of my friends. Granted it was over IM, but I live far away. Still feel great about it!
  10. So getting out of the house can be pretty hard for me due to depression and anxiety, but thankfully I’m pulling through alright, and managed to hang out with my friends for a day! Although it was exhausting, it felt great to see them.
  11. I am learning the gravity falls theme song on the keyboard it’s my way of distracting myself so if anyone is reading this pick up your old recorder and learn a song
  12. I finally accepted that I am allowed to be something other than straight and that it is okay to be bisexual or lesbian. I just wanted to share because i feel so much lighter now that I have realised it and thought that I could share it with people who know the feeling as well
  13. For anyone getting their A-level results tomorrow... Good Luck! How did you do? Remember, you are not defined by a letter on a piece of paper, you are worth so much more than that. You did your best and that is all that matters!
  14. Hi everyone! Welcome to our new Brag Box - one of the only places online where you're actively encouraged to do some bragging. To start - what was your proudest moment? Mine was probably facing my fear of public speaking. It took me a few years to properly get over it and it was probably the scariest thing ever, but I finally conquered it.
  15. Today I was asked what my sexuality was. I had told myself I was not going to lie if someone asked me. One of my newest friends asked, and it made me very uncomfortable, but I am so happy now. She's the first person to know my sexuality (bisexual, but leaning towards gay) She then came out to me as pan. I bombarded her with questions about her coming out and how long she had known. Everything I had read said that coming out feels like a weight off your shoulders. To me, it didn't at first, all I could think was "oh my God, what have I done?" but after a few hours I just felt so light. Running through my head has just been a solid stream of "I came out, I came out." I am not one to keep secrets. When I first started questioning my sexuality, having this big secret was slowly tearing me apart inside. I knew the only way to help myself was to come out, but that seemed so far away, and maybe even impossible. I had no idea how to even start a conversation like that. I am so happy to have someone to talk to about my sexuality. This was one of the best days of my life. I can't believe I'm out to someone. ~Alicorn
  16. After 6 months, I came out as trans to my parents!
  17. Kay

    One month

    hwy everyone today is me and my girlfriends one moth I’m am so grateful to have her in my life. She had told me I’m the best girlfriend she has ever had today we celebrated with candy and coffee. I am the happiest person alive she is the most amazing person I have ever met
  18. Tell others like me how u came out to ur family and how can u help other people get through it if their family or friends don't agree and are homophobic
  19. I posted about being bullied because I'm fat a month or so ago and got some really good advice. It has definitely changed how I see things, like just understanding that people bully because of their own issues has really helped me. I used to find it difficult to look in the mirror at myself but I've been doing it more and have also been running on a treadmill indoors. I'm too anxious to run outdoors yet but I feel like I'm making progress so thank you for the help.
  20. Hey Guys Just wanted to say hope everyone is having a good December and wish you all a Merry Christmas.
  21. Just got a new microwave 60% off BLACK FRIDAY IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Found 50p in my shoe this morning - Its going to be a good day! Anyone else had this'? LITERALLY THE BEST FEELING IMO
  23. About three hours ago, I wrote a note to my friend telling her that I was bi-and she was completely fine with it! Then we ripped the note up and threw it into the dumpster, seeing as burning a piece of paper isn't exactly something one can do at school and I didn't want the wrong person to come across it. My coming out was sparked by this guy in my class that made a kind of homophobic statement ("Jake Paul is gay and all the guys who watch him are gay"). I managed to not punch him (Yay me!) and then proceeded to have a slight breakdown before deciding that I was going to tell my friend I'm bi. But the important part is, I CAME OUT! So, yay me! PS: If you're scared about coming out, like I was, I just want to remind you that you are awesome and you can do it!
  24. I am so happy i just passed my driving test first time!! ? Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy
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