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My friend is low key racist


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So there's this kid in my friendship group who Im not really that close to but he's usually there when we do things as a group. He low key makes racist comments about other people in front of the group, i've called it out maybe like a couple of times but he just laughs and it hasn't really made much of a difference. im mixed heritage and i find some of the things he says to be really offensive. i know he doesn't mean anything mean by it and he just thinks he's being funny but what else can i do to make him stop?

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Hey Zayn,

Ahh, sorry to hear that. It must be really frustrating for you, especially given that you’ve already said something to him and he’s just laughed it off. I think that when bringing this kind of thing up, it’s important to get it all right to make sure that the person listens and takes it on board. 1) It’s best to tell the person 1:1 rather than in a group of people 2) Make sure your tone of voice is calm but serious at the same time 3) Be ready to give specific examples if they ask for them 4) If they don’t see why, explain clearly why it’s not okay and exactly how it makes you feel

Let me know what you think of that. It might be that you’ve done most, if not all of them. Speak soon :)



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The best thing in my oppinion is to try to explain to them that you feel offended and politely ask them to stop, and if they refuse then try to seperate yourself from them

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