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Should I tell this guy how i fell abt him?


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Well, there's this one guy I have been talking to for about 3 months now (maybe even closer to 4) and in these past few months we have done sexual things, cuddled, layed in each others arms, told each other about important things in our live's, and e.t.c. But, on the downside he has a lot of girl's he talks to. Like A LOT. More than a guy should have. And some of them I can't even compare too. I've been stuck on this for the past few weeks, not being able to do anything but cry. And just when I think I'm getting better the cycle starts all over again. The cycle goes crying about him, thinking about him, trying to be confident and not needing him, getting horny, missing him, crying. And it just repats on and on. Do I move on or tell him how I feel?


What do I do?? Please answer!

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I think you should move on. The world doesn't end there. Even if you tell him about your feelings, how will it affect his social circle (and maybe not only communication)? Absolutely nothing. You have invented a problem for yourself and you are walking in a vicious circle. If you are not satisfied that a guy communicates with other girls - look for another guy, and do not try to remake this one. In general, it is best to start with yourself. As long as you act like a victim who puts up with everything that doesn't suit you, you will have guys like that all the time and you will constantly suffer. Learn to value yourself and not let things into your life that are unacceptable to you.

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Hey @danica_08,


Thanks for reaching out to us for support :). I'm one of the digital mentors here and it's my job to give advice to those who come to us.


I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with this guy recently, it sounds like you've been quite up and down. I'm wondering, do you want things to get more serious with this guy? I think it's always good to be clear about how you feel and what you want and I'm curious to know what you think would be the best thing to do right now?


Hang in there, Danica.


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