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Am I bisexual, or just straight and confused?


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I am sexually attracted to women and I found that out recently, but I’ve never liked females before. I think I have a crush on my female best friend but I don’t really know. I miss her a lot since she lives far away and I remember when she had to go back I cried. I also feel really self conscious around her, and I always want to talk to her because she makes me feel happy and at ease. I remember when my parents were talking to her I got frustrated because I wanted to talk to her by myself. I don’t know if I feel this way because I like her platonically or romantically. I also feel like I’ve been attracted to men more lately, and not so much to girls as I did before, and I don’t know if that means that I’ve never liked girls in the first place.

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Hey @confused.jpg


Welcome to our support community. I'm one of the digital support mentors and I'm here to give advice and support to our members.


The thing with sexuality is that it's sooo confusing. It can take a while for us to figure out what's going on for us and it can be hard to be patient with it because naturally, as humans, we want to know our identity. I'm wondering, have you liked anyone romantically before? If so, how did that feel, and does it feel similar similar to the way you feel now about your best friend?


Also, do you know what your gut instinct is about your sexuality? It is usually the case that we have a good idea about this kind of thing, but for various reasons, we try to deny it to ourselves. Just an idea. Let me know what you think..


Speak soon,




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