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The homophopics, gay panics and instruction manual


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Ok so erm no offence or anything but im like 60 percent sure no one is actually gonna reply haha so lets goooo

ok so problem 1. basically i had plans to come out to the people around me as bisexual and i decided to start with my bffs. They took to it ok so i was like ok mb lets my like parents now. I researched like forever n practiced even longer bcause my parents were those type that didnt know how to be parents and were crap at it tho they do try their best. So it was in a nice setting i decided to try it with my mum first cause she was like the alpha of the hse.

me : ok mum i wanted to say-

Mum: akumi(not my real name ofc) pls dun get a gf in the future

me:..... of course not why wouldnt i???? *insert nervous laughter*

mum: course i feel like ur the type to do so

Me: ....

So ya... didnt work out... so i tried mt dad nxt

*mum telling dad to use my scented tissue cause they were too much*

me : hey dad-

Dad: *insert rude stereotype joke abt gays n perfume cause idr wat he said*

me internally: WNA DIE BIT-

hahah... hahahha...

Honestly...i kinda dun wan to tell them unless i actually get a gf n if i do im probs not gna tell them??? Bcause i think they may try to chase her away n hurt her like in those novels... which would be horrible. But if i dun i kinda feel like im not respecting them.... help...


2) so ​​​​​​ya gay panics n crushes lmaoo lets goo

so basically... i am crushing on someone i think is at leats 3 yrs my junior... n its a girl. Oof. I FEEL DAMN GUILTY CAUSE I CAN ACTUALLY GET KINDA HORNY JUS FROM TALKING TO HER BUT SHE SO CUTE VJJSKNS I CANT DO THIS SOMEMORE IM PRETTY SURE SHE IS STRAIGHT N ONLY THINKS OF ME AS A CLASSMATE (we go to an age irrelevant class) SO YA HAHAHAHHA. I kinda wna confess... but we would be damn awk n the news might reach my parents.... but urghhhh


3) ok this is not really relevant bcause this is abt how u use this thing. I am nvr the best at tech m idk how to reply to posts like the sticky smth satsuki or smth post in this like section like I PRESSED THE BUTTON THAT SAYS REPLY TO POST BUT NTH HAPPEN AJJJKSJJH urghhh which is why i am here lmao.

thanks for those who read this lol i rly could use some help so pls dun ignore meee

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heyyyy @akumi_Tempest


welcome to our support community. i'm one of the digital support mentors at ditch the label and i'm here to give advice and support to our members :)


thx for telling me about what's going on for you.. i'm glad to hear that you tried coming out to your parents - getting the courage to even try can be quite hard, so well done. for a lot of people, it can take them a few tries to actually come out, so if you do wanna try again soon, just go for it. can I check though, are you ready to come out? remember, if you don't feel ready, then there really is no rush.


can I ask, if you get a gf, why do you feel like your parents may try to chase them away?


also, do you think you might tell that girl how you feel? maybe you could ask her to keep it a secret if you do? :)


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Erm cause they homophobic as shit??? Pretty sure i made that obvious... and i actually cfmed it so haha. Honestly from other advice i got im not gonna say anyth till i actually get one cause im like 80% sure ill be single half my life 😔😔😔 ill juz bring a girl home and they'll figure it outtt🤪🤪🤪 anyway that crush i had im pretty sure she dosent even knows gays exist because i didnt until i was 13 for gods sake and didnt even know what i liked was'wrong'...

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heyyy, yeah, so by asking what makes you think they wouldn't react well, I just wanted to know more about what's made you think that way. I know you said about your dad making a homophobic joke, but I was wondering if he actually meant it or was just trying to be funny? that's not to say that it's okay to make those jokes, because it isn't, it's just that some people have an odd sense of humour and which may make them seem homophobic when they aren't, and I wanted to check. I'm wondering, have you seen our support guides on coming out to homophobic parents? I know you've said you're not gonna say anything, but they're just good to have anyway:



https://www.ditchthelabel.org/my-parents-didnt-react-well-to-me-coming-out/ - with this one, it's important to remember that if your parents do react badly, that a lot of the time, many of them come around to the idea. just have to give it time and be patient with it


hmmm, I wonder, if you were going to tell the girl you like her, what would you say?




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In the issue of sexual orientation, there is no right or wrong (of course, this does not apply to such perversions as bestiality, pedophilia and other disorders). I don't understand modern society. After all, we are in the 21st century, and many still react to homosexuality as suicide bombers. Who cares who sleeps with whom? If it is voluntary, if people feel good with each other, this is their personal right and no one has the right to poke their nose into this.

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1 hour ago, akumi_Tempest said:

Me neither all ik is life sucks but I don't plan to die just yet 🙂

Hey there,

I just wanted to reach out to you and ask how you are getting on? We are here for you if you want to chat. I am just concerned from what you sayid about not planning to die just yet and want to check if you’re safe or not. Take care.


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