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mom problems


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so my mom was just asking me to go do the dishes, and i told her i needed to finish my own schoolwork first. she kind of let it go, and i went back to my room to work.


about, like, 15 minutes later, i walked into the livingroom and she told me to start the dishes, and i was annoyed because i still had a lot of applications and scholarships and whatnot to fill out, so i told her i'd do half and then go back.


after a while, i finished half and was walking back when she asked me where i was going. i told her i finished half, and then she got super mad, and told me im a spoiled kid who needs to act my age (16), and take care of 'woman' things ://


she went on talking about how she was cooking, cleaning, and running the house for her mom, and wanted to let her mom feel relaxed. i tried explaining i was 16, and i have my own responsibilities, but she started screaming at me, and told me she wished she didnt have me or my sister, and that im basically useless and wouldnt get anywhere in life D:

i had to continue working on the dishes while trying not to cry, but she stayed and watched me, all while yelling at me and degrading me, telling me i never do the dishes, even though theyre so "simple", and that she always asks me to do the smallest thing, but i never do. i literally do the dishes twice a week, and it always ends up with me crying, thinking about hows she's called me useless, and that maybe she's right. it doesnt help that she always brings up my past mistakes, compares me to my friends, and tells me im just stupid.


i finally just finished, but i cant stop crying, like what did i do wrong? i have several brothers who are growing, so there are lots and lots of dishes too, literally piled up; it can take me up to 3 hours doing them.


im so tired of her yelling at me to clean. i really can and will clean if she asks, but i just want her to understand that i have my own responsibilites and problems im dealing with, and she cant expect me to have everything under control. i love my mom, but there are some days i wish she wasnt my mom ://

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Hey @amonnnn


I'm so sorry to hear about how your mum has been treating you recently. I can really see how hard and upsetting this is for you :( - how are you feeling about it at the moment? The thing is, we all make mistakes and we learn from them - it isn't helpful for them to keep being brought up in arguments and it certainly doesn't make you useless for making past mistakes. I'm wondering, do you think your mum is maybe taking her bad moods out on you? I hope that this stops for you soon - you deserve be treated better. Have you spoken about this since it happened?


Sending positive vibes - we are here to help you through this :)

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