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Coming out


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Hey @Oskar1


I'm one of the digital support mentors here at Ditch the Label. Welcome to our community :)


It's good to hear that you want to come out to your parents. Before I give you support on the actual coming out part, can I check, is it safe for you to come out, and do you feel ready? By safe, I mean that they won't do anything extreme like kick you out or put you in any kind of physical danger. Also, it's important that you feel ready to come out because there really is no rush if you aren't.


Let me know.





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Hi @Oskar1


Like Monsoon said, and it's my biggest piece of advice, only come out if it's safe.


If it is, and you feel confident coming out, there are multiple ways you can do it:


- Send a text - this is good because you don't have to do it face to face. You could send the text and go for a quick walk too if you wanted.

- Leave a note - similar to above, you don't have to do it face to face!

- Go on a walk and talk about it - this is good, and this is the way I came out to my mom, I thought it felt a little more freeing.

- In the car - a nice enclosed, private space with you and your parent.

- Face to face - obviously the scariest one, but good to get your point directly across. You can also test the waters a little and see how they might react. For example, you could make up a story about a friend at school who's recently come out a gay, see how they react before you tell them about yourself.


I hope this helps :)

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